IECEx Personnel Competency (CoPC) for hazardous area (Ex) equipment repair.

Updated: Sep 27

This article outlines the steps to go through in order to acquire an IECEx Certificate of Personal Competency (CoPC) for unit Ex 005, the repair overhaul and reclamation of hazardous area equipment.


You must already be a competent repairer for rotating electrical and/or mechanical equipment. The next step to personal competency is to be trained by an IECEx recognised training provider (RTP) for Ex005 and to understand the requirements of the latest international repair standard IEC 60079:19 Explosive Atmospheres: Repair, Overhaul, and Reclamation.

The AEMT is a leading provider of this training. After completing Modules 1 and Module 2 of our repair course, and passing the AEMT Assessments for theory and hands-on, we will issue a Certificate of Assessment. This certificate means the course assessments have been passed, but does not necessarily mean the individual is competent, until he has gained further experience.


Competence is built up with regular hands-on experience of repairing Ex equipment after attending the courses. An engineer repairing a lot of equipment every day after the course, could be classified as competent after a period of 6 months, someone seeing fewer motors may take 2 to three years before they could be classified as competent. A work log should be kept as evidence, and signed off by a supervisor or manager. An AEMT work log can be obtained from the Ex Shared Drive. In general most delegates passing their refresher course assessment after three years and having accumulated hands-on experience in their service centres, could apply t