IECEx Certified Service Facility Requirements

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

This article outlines the steps to go through to get a workshop up to the required standard to repair ATEX and other Hazardous Area equipment, and apply to be audited to become an IECEx Certified Service Centre if required.

The broad outline is included on the Ex Register of companies that are members of the AEMT and have used the AEMT courses to be able to repair Hazardous Area equipment. As well as these the association has trained other international oil and chemical companies and equipment manufacturers.


The first step to being able to service and repair Ex equipment to IECEx standards is to be trained to repair the equipment using the latest BS EN and IEC 60079:19 Repair Standard for Explosive Atmospheres: Equipment repair, overhaul, and reclamation (currently in iteration 2011 + A1:2015). This was originally developed from the AEMT BEAMA Code of Practice on Hazardous Area equipment repair. The standard has now been broadened to include the repair of all electrical equipment including some instrumentation, and mechanical equipment, which is included in the ATEX Directives.

The people requiring ex training (outlined in this video) are most importantly the manager(s) or supervisor(s) responsible for overseeing the repair of hazardous area equipment. These would be delegated as the “responsible person(s)” and able to oversee repairs and give full support to the “operatives” carrying out any overhaul or repairs. They can also verify that the equipment has undergone a detailed inspection during repair, to ensure that it conforms to the original certificate and standards after repair. This declaration is also signed by the operative responsible for the repair and verified by a responsible person.