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AEMT Ex Training Courses:

for the Repair, Overhaul and Reclamation of Ex Hazardous Area Equipment.


Covers windings, insulation, terminal clearances, and electrical tests that are covered by BS EN IEC 60079-19:2019

& BS EN IEC 60034-23:2019


Covers identification of flamepaths, maximum permissible gaps, understanding volumes and acceptable reclamation techniques on Ex equipment covered in BS EN IEC 60079-19:2019


Touches on all Ex protection concepts, including: Ex d, Ex e, 

Ex nA, Ex tD, Ex p. Also touching on UL & FM equipment.


The course is recognised by the IECEx as part of their RTP programme and covers units Ex 005


All delegates recieve a certificate on completion of the course.


A brief history

The first BEAMA/AEMT "Code of Practice for the Repair and Overhaul of Ex Electrical Apparatus" had input from major users of Hazardous Area Ex Equipment, and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). It was subsequently adopted as the British and European Standard BS EN 60079-19, and International Standard IEC 60079-19, which is now used as the baseis to audit companies to IECEx Certified Service Facilities. They are the recognised international standards to which Ex equipment should be repaired and overhauled. 

Since 1984 the AEMT has trained delegates from the repair industry, and personnel from the major oil, chemical, gas and water treatment companies from around the world.


Proceeding the publication of the first code of practice for The Repair and Overhaul of Electrical Equipment for us in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres, the association has put together a selection of modules covering the Theory and Practical nature to ATEX and IECEx equipment repair.

Based on 2018 figures, the association has trained staff in over 86% of all IECEx Certified Service Facilities in the UK, Gulf, and South East Asia, as well as engineers from many international oil, gas, and chemical companies. A number of delegates have also gone on to be successfully assessed and audited for their individual IECEx Personal Competency (CoPC) Certificates. 

Who should attend?

It is equaly important for a manager or supervisor to attend the courses so that they are able to fully understand and take responsibility for Ex repairs. It is also recommended that a minimum of two electrical or mechanical engineers/technicians should attend the courses per company if they are handling Ex explosion protected apparatus.


All staff who are involved in removing and installing Ex motors, generators, pumps, fans, gearboxes, etc. or involved in the replacement of spare parts such as bearings. The training modules are suitable for mechanical and electrical engineers and cover ATEX, Health and Safety, and risk assessment for apparatus in Hazardous Zoned areas and Hazardous Locations. The courses are also recommended for administration, sales, and stores staff requiring a knowledge of equipment suitability for zoned areas.

Course Objectives

The aims of the course are to give delegates a thorough knowledge of how the different protection concepts and standards should be used when overhauling, repairing, or reclaiming Ex equipment suitable for each zoned area.

An understanding of the correct procedures and practices to be used for the overhaul of explosion protected motors, pumps, gearboxes and other equipment, so that they will comply with the original certification to which they were manufactured, and/or comply with the original standards used, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the legal requirements, risk assessments, and health and safety requirements, when overhauling and maintaining Ex apparatus.

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